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Founded in 2003, SDA has built up a wealth of knowledge on how to maximize the value of your company’s digital assets in a web-based enterprise solution. Based on our experience of working with Fortune 1000 companies, we believe that the success of a DAM system depends on the number of users and frequency of their use. For this reason, SDA does not license by the number of users. If you are not successful, neither are we. The more users accessing your company’s assets the more money your company saves and the more valuable the assets become.

SDA’s products are all web-based and do not require any additional software to work. Employees in different offices or external agencies may come together in the same place. The system does not limit users to a single workstation. Just imagine having all your team members literally on the same page.

With SDA’s enterprise solution, any of your users may access media materials they need to meet deadlines without the added costs of shipping, converting files, re-creating or buying stock. A place where team members collaborate online enhancing the communication and resulting in a better product delivered more efficiently. SDA’s model allows for companies to install and host the application on their servers or for SDA to host the application.